Aryana Far

Aryana Far is an Iranian-American San Francisco Bay Area based artist, currently pursuing Bachelor's degrees in both Cognitive Science and Data Science at the University of California, Berkeley. In her academic and professional life, she hopes to combine her technical education in computing and her informed curiosity about the mind in a way that fosters collective growth and healing.

But this is her art website, a glimpse into her favorite hobbies.

Since she could hold a paintbrush, she would constantly bother and beg her artistic elders to teach her how to draw a face. Her strange fascination with the human figure can be seen in her endless representations of various ambiguous and androgenous subjects.

She also sings and plays guitar. She loves the ephemeral nature of music; she appreciates that it is an artform that doesn't require resources like paintbrushes, paints, canvasses, et cetera. All you need is a working voice, and you can sing your heart out anytime, anywhere.

On occasion, she makes garments, but it's not her main jam. She uses second-hand fabrics when creating clothing from scratch because she deeply cares about her environmental impact and recognizes that the fashion industry is one of the major polluting industries in the world.

She accepts commissions for any form of art that your heart may desire, and she loves collaborating with people to create, so please don't hesitate to reach out via email at [email protected]

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Aryana Far